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For a quick introduction to MBSL, the way we work and the philosophies that drive us, check out our Pecha Kucha** presentation here.  If you have any difficulty in downloading the Powerpoint file, you can see the Pecha Kucha as a video at:


If you would like to know more about the free MBSL webinars on managing change and improving performance, together with some of our key products, or to reserve your place for one of the upcoming webinars, please click here.  The next available webinar dates in 2020 will be published shortly.

** A Pecha Kucha presentation is limited to slides that last no longer than 20 seconds, with a maximum of 20 slides.  So, less than 7 minutes in total!  The one here is a draft, but we hope that the main messages will be clear.  All feedback gratefully received.

Why we do what we do:  We work with clients who believe, as we do, that their organisation and their people should be enabled to realise their full potential.  We get our kicks from triggering organisational, and personal development and growth; it is why we do what we do.

How we do what we do:  We co-create bespoke interventions and transfer capability at every opportunity, offering challenge and support in equal measure.

We have a unique methodology (OrgScan©) that, within a week, reveals the ‘under the surface’ factors influencing performance.   We have another that, within a month, reveals the informal networks in and begins to dissolve the long-standing intractable problems of the organisation.  It does this by tapping into and releasing the latent capacity, collective intelligence, and tacit knowledge of the organisation and its people.  This is Magus Networker©

What we actually deliver:  We leave organisations with the habit of continual learning and improvement.  We leave them with an understanding of themselves that is on another level.  We leave them not just change capable, but change hungry.   We are sufficiently confident in what we do to offer our OrgScan© intervention at our risk; clients only pay the fee if they see the value in it once the intervention is complete.

Our story

Of the four people who founded MBSL, two are ‘recovering engineers’, both of whom decided at an early stage of their careers that organisations, and the people that populate them, are far more interesting and challenging than mere ‘things’, however complicated the latter might be.  Another was, at one time, a general manager of a ‘business within a business’.  The other came from being a director in a large FMCG business, with a strong background in coaching senior managers.

All share an interest in applying systems thinking to organisational performance improvement.  Another shared interest is the application of systems thinking to crime reduction, which is how three of the Directors met.

There were two businesses that were effectively merged to form MBSL.  One specialised in applying evidence-based systems thinking for ongoing performance improvement and organisational learning.  The other developed a wide variety of methodologies, some software-based, for enabling organisations to develop an enhanced capacity for success in an environment in which frequent and rapid change is the norm.

Both operated through networks of associates, most of whom are independent consulting businesses in their own right.

The key insight that propelled the integration of the two businesses came when the principals discovered a shared delight in being able to help people learn by doing, grow through innovation and experimentation, and develop - as individuals and as teams.  Enough said!

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