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The VUCA concept has been around for a while.  It refers to a business context in which levels of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity are high - and it could be argued that these characteristics of the business environment have never been higher than in 2020, with an expectation that 2021 will be no better.  In fact, there is some justification in the conclusion that, for business leaders, VUCA is the new norm.  Managing in a VUCA world is a serious challenge for management, in businesses large and small, and in public sector organisations.  Which raises the question of what type of organisations will be able to survive and then thrive in a highly VUCA world, and, if that happy condition does not currently exist, how to get there.

Magus Indexer is the MBSL diagnostic tool for assessing where organisations are on the spectrum of change-enabled at one end and change-disabled at the other.  It uses data collected from a designed sample.  The questions that are asked are entirely indirect, observational and non-judgemental.  This design feature is all about minimising the risk of data contamination, which can arise through conscious and sub-conscious biases, communication breakdowns and ‘permissions’ that can distort perceptions about organisational policies, issues and priorities.  The on-line data entry process is quick and easy - all information is provided by one click per question, and there are just 26 questions.

There are several keys to the success of Indexer in helping organisations become more change-enabled.  One - the whole process is fast - from start to finish typically in 2 to 3 weeks, subject only to peoples’ availability.  Two - the graphical reports are easy to assimilate and interpret.  Three - the database enables the tracking down of causes from symptoms, enabling a highly targeted approach to developing enhanced performance.  Four - the changes required in  management processes and practices are all simple to do - no massive change programmes needed!

If you are interested in the possibility of using Magus Indexer in your own organisation, but need a little more information about how it works, there is an ‘Indexer Lite’ version that has just 14 questions.  MBSL is happy to deploy this on a limited-sample, limited-engagement basis.  If you would like more information please let us know.

Co A TN 250

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