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Magus Networker

What is it?

Networker is a complete change-stimulating process.  Its main application is to help organisations resolve intractable performance and other organisational problems.  ‘Intractable’ problems are those that do not have simple, single causes and hence cannot be fixed using conventional management methods, especially those involving single, simple solutions.

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The design of Networker is based in the observation that organisations exist at two quite different levels.  First is the formal structure and processes – and the organisation chart.  The second (the reality) is different.  Real organisations are networks of relationships between people who transact with one another, crossing formal boundaries, sharing their knowledge to tackle constraints and deliver higher performance.  These networks are spontaneous (self-organising), transient, and volatile and hence cannot be managed or controlled.  They are hidden from the view of management, and commonly practise covert, value-adding, policy decision-making.

Networker illuminates how these networks are operating; and provides information that enables the identification of constraints on their effectiveness, with pointers to possible solutions leading to performance improvements.

When might you use it?

  • When there are problems that cannot be treated by conventional management actions;
  • If the organisation does not respond to management initiatives in the ways expected;
  • If getting change implemented is a bit like wading through treacle;
  • If the organisation does not make full use of and get the full benefit of the talent, knowledge and skills of its people;
  • If there is a need to generate a more open style of operating throughout the organisation;

It is also useful when there is a merger or an acquisition to be managed, either before the event as part of due diligence, or after the event to help with integration. And it is especially useful when there is a sense that there are hidden features of the organisation that can act to block or water down management initiatives for change.

What benefits does it bring?

The future does not happen to organisations – it is constructed by the conversations of today.  Networker stimulates high quality conversations that identify and target the resolution of intractable problems that constrain organisation performance.  It kick-starts a process of continual improvement that engages many people throughout the organisation, through conversations that cross formal organisational boundaries.

Its use opens up action-oriented conversations that bring together people in a variety of roles, which stimulates innovation.  It focuses on problem-solving, because the best innovation flows from problem-solving, and the best problem-solving flows from the sharing of knowledge across functional boundaries – diversity counts!

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