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Some of the key principles that guide our Organisational Development work are:

Sound diagnosis is key.  Our starting point is always by generating our own data based in current reality.

The need to recognise that ‘Performance’ is an outcome of a complex set of inputs.  Our approach not only involves people and their knowledge and skills, but also takes account of the processes, structures, permissions, artefacts, and the total-system dynamics that connect all these elements.


It is important to see the organisation as a System.  We support our clients in taking a fresh view of their organisation from the perspective of their customers and markets, which often makes age-old problems easier to solve.

Finding and fixing the inhibitors of success.  We create an environment in which people can identify and fix these inhibitors.

Speed is essential.  All our interventions are what we call “zero-lag” change.  The people involved experience change happening in front of them, building momentum and enthusiasm for change.

Partial, iterative solutions work better than the “Big bang” variety.  We provide people with new and insightful data that we use to co-develop solutions with them.  This leads to better results with much higher levels of commitment and works far better than top-down driven change programmes.

Failure is OK – as long as…  Innovation and the ability to challenge current practices is important but invites the possibility of failure, so permission to fail and rewarding learning from failure are both essential.

Finally, it should be fun!  We love working with people, helping them learn, develop and grow, all the while having fun, working across functional boundaries to solve organisational problems and help their organisations thrive and grow.

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