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The change-enabled organisation is a key antidote to the challenge of operating in a VUCA world (volatility; uncertainty; complexity; ambiguity).

The change-enabled organisations model has been refined over the years, and is now a well-proven concept with a variety of practical applications.  The development of change-enabled organisations underpins all of the four principal services provided by MBSL.

The key characteristics of these organisations are:

  • There is clarity of purpose at all levels – the organisation, teams and individuals
  • They constantly adapt to a changing environment
  • Operational people are the sensors at the periphery of the organisation – they are the first to receive, interpret and act on signals indicating a customer or supplier sourced change
  • Everybody is a player in the change process, without waiting for formal events or management instructions to act
  • Strategy drives everything, but it also emerges
  • High levels of employee engagement are a given
  • ‘Order and control’ come from within, and through natural survival; reality anchoring – operational realities; experiential learning; and corporate control of resources
  • Change emerges constantly, and learning is ever present

A change-enabled organisation is defined by its management processes and practices, and the relationships and conversations that are underpinned by them.  This makes it relatively easy to identify what needs to change in those known processes and practices, with the start point of the simple changes being the ‘current state’, whatever that might be.  Implementing the changes is also relatively straightforward. 

If there is a tricky bit, it is all about finding out the current state, involving getting past the perceptions of managers who are part of that current state.  To check how MBSL tackles this challenge, please click here.

For a full description of the change-enabled organisation concept, including some of the relevant research, please click here.

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