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Closing the gap between current reality and strategic ambition

Given a volatile business context, the rate and direction of unpredictable change is a challenge for many leaders.  We help make decision-making and other management activity in the organisation more meaningful, informed by evidence, and aligned to what matters – purpose and strategy.  This brings an improvement in visible results and change that everyone can feel good about.

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Executing strategy:

  • “No plan survives first contact with the enemy”
  • The days of long range plans are, therefore, long since gone
  • Instead, strategy is about intent and direction, all driven by purpose
  • Executing strategy involves a series of tactical moves, informed by and aligned with the strategy
  • Strategy execution involves everyone who has decision-making power
  • Such decision-making power needs to be widely distributed
  • Following a philosophy of directed opportunism enables strategy execution that adapts to variations in local and temporal conditions

What we do:

  • We help managers to change strategy definition from ‘plan’ to ‘statement of intent’.
  • We help managers identify gaps between strategic intent and tactics, and build two-way feedback loops between them, to close the gaps.
  • We clarify the roles of all decision-makers involved in strategy execution - which essentially is everybody with decision-power.
  • We help managers build evidence to illuminate the effect of tactical moves, with feedback loops to enable continual learning and change.

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What you get:

  • An organisation in which purpose and strategic intent inform all tactical decision-making.
  • The engagement of people throughout the organisation with the strategy, and all playing their own part in its execution.
  • A continual alignment of strategy execution to match changing external needs.
  • A highly motivating sense of direction and movement towards agreed goals.

All of the key services provided by MBSL are underpinned by the development of organisational resilience.  It is a key antidote to the challenge of operating in a VUCA world (volatility; uncertainty; complexity; ambiguity).  To read more about the resilient organisation concept, please click here.

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