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Resolving your organisation’s intractable (wicked) problems

We identifiy and bring clarity to under-the-surface issues that are hindering progress towards dealing with an organisation’s greatest challenges.  This starts to build momentum towards improvement in as little as a week.  In addition, the MBSL methodology reveals a new reality of the organisation - its informal networks.  By tapping into the latent capacity, collective intelligence and tacit knowledge in the organisation, we enable the organisation to direct and support that momentum towards problem-resolution actions.

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Intractable problems are those that:

  • Have no simple, single linear causes
  • Have no simple, single solutions
  • Have complex, interconnected causes, in parallel and in causal chains
  • Have causes and underlying causes that are forever changing
  • Cannot be resolved by conventional solutions
  • Cannot ultimately be completely eliminated
  • Need multiple, iterative, partial solutions
  • Demand high levels of connectivity across functional boundaries to harness and apply the collective knowledge in the organisation

What we do:

  • Apply the MBSL bespoke methodology (OrgScan©) that very quickly uncovers the cultural dynamics that sit below the surface of organisational problems.
  • Link these dynamics with the business priorities to create a rich data set.
  • Generate insightful maps with the unique MBSL product Magus Networker© that depict how the organisation really works in terms of informal networks, in relation to the problem to be tackled.
  • Provide safe opportunities for people in those networks to analyse the maps, identify causes, and take collaborative action.
  • Provide feedback to the project sponsor on planned actions, and priority organisational issues that have been identified as needing management action.

What you get:

  • Multiple, partial solutions to the given problem.
  • Highly motivated people driving change processes.
  • A lasting legacy of a capability for tackling otherwise intractable problems.
  • An agenda for change, targeting priority organisational issues.
  • A movement away from reactive problem-solving towards opportunity-seeking.

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All of the key services provided by MBSL are underpinned by the development of organisational resilience.  It is a key antidote to the challenge of operating in a VUCA world (volatility; uncertainty; complexity; ambiguity).  To read more about the resilient organisation concept, please click here.

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