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Creating and nurturing an enabling culture

Often, despite management’s best efforts, the organisation does not respond in the way intended.  Using the unique MBSL methodology helps to uncover the hidden drivers of behaviour that are preventing the organisation from achieving desired outcomes.  Removing the barriers is within the gift of the distributed leadership of the organisation.  Making the drivers visible equips the organisation and its people to address them, and so helps develop a supportive and enabling culture.

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Developing an enabling culture:

  • Organisational culture is a key driver of behaviour
  • It is only what people do – their behaviour – that drives performance
  • Culture cannot be changed by exhortation in any form
  • People receive ‘permissions’ that support some behaviours and prohibit others
  • ‘Permissions’ are received thousands of times a day
  • ‘Permissions’ are never spoken or written – they are implicit messages in organisational design and practice, management decisions and other behaviour, and the artefacts that people observe on a daily basis
  • To change culture requires a change in ‘permissions’

What we do:

  • Engage with people in a variety of roles throughout the organisation in one-on-one conversations that are, in themselves, highly motivational and enablers of change.
  • Uncover the hidden drivers of organisational dynamics and problems, using the MBSL OrgScan©.
  • Establish the nature of, and locate the sources of, negative permissions.
  • Work with people in the organisation to develop new, positive replacement permissions.

What you get:

  • Highly engaged and motivated people.
  • Risks managed instead of avoided.
  • Higher levels of innovation, throughout the organisation.
  • Change embraced instead of resisted.
  • Improved cross-functional collaboration on problem-solving and opportunity seeking.

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All of the key services provided by MBSL are underpinned by the development of organisational resilience.  It is a key antidote to the challenge of operating in a VUCA world (volatility; uncertainty; complexity; ambiguity).  To read more about the resilient organisation concept, please click here.

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