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Embedding the habit of organisational learning and improvement

Competitive advantage is, and will continue to be, increasingly determined by an organisation’s ability to learn.  We help you to embed learning and continual improvement in every operational and management process.  In doing so, our aim is to leave you with an organisation in which learning and improvement are a way of life.

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The MBSL route to continual organisational learning and improvement:

  • Orientating measurement and management of organisational performance around the purpose of insight, learning and continual improvement.  This is as opposed to judgement about and evaluation of people, which suppress learning.
  • If your current dashboard is a mix of averages and Red-Amber-Green then it is likely that the vast majority of improvement opportunities are passing you by.  Instead, we use straight-forward statistical analyses, which are, in our experience, 10 to 20 times more likely to reveal insights that lead to improvement as opposed to conventional, arithmetic approaches. 
  • Encouraging experimentation.  Because experimentation invites the possibility of failure, it is feared in many organisations.  If, however, leaders actively, consistently and authentically encourage and role-model managed experimentation, others will follow, unleashing latent innovation and improvement opportunities.  Experimentation always results in a mix of two things; the intended outcome and benefit, and the opportunity to learn from those things that did not turn out as intended.  Both have value to the organisation.

What we do:

  • Deploy the MBSL discovery methodologies  that are appropriate in your circumstances  (principally OrgScan© or Performance Measurement Diagnostic© or TeamBuilder©).
  • Progressively build ‘critical-mass’ through working with pilot groups looking at business critical challenges and the data behind them in entirely different ways.
  • We support you to sharpen up accountabilities and enable collaboration across internal boundaries, orientated around a purpose derived from what your customers value most.

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What you get:

  • The movement of the performance measurement philosophy of your organisation from ‘report and react’ to a continual cycle of ‘learning and improvement’.
  • Your leaders and managers making evidence-based decisions that people buy into quickly, as opposed to debate and opinion-trading and the protracted, start-stop progress that normally ensues.
  • A level of engagement in your people that you’ve never enjoyed before.  By working with the right data in the right way they will enjoy the intrinsic motivation of seeing improvements in their working lives; ‘the way the work works’, and what customers experience as well as business performance.
  • Better decisions being made at every level in the organisation – “closer to the action in both space and time.”

All of the key services provided by MBSL are underpinned by the development of organisational resilience.  It is a key antidote to the challenge of operating in a VUCA world (volatility; uncertainty; complexity; ambiguity).  To read more about the resilient organisation concept, please click here.

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