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A current reality for all business organisations is that they operate in a constantly changing, ambiguous, unpredictable world.  The challenge for organisations is, therefore, to become more resilient.

Using our unique tools and methodologies, we work with organisations to embed practices so that they are able continually to adapt to external changes and to seek opportunities for delivering enhanced customer value.  In doing so, they make the transition from reacting to imposed change to embracing that volatility as a means to gaining competitive advantage.  In other words, they become more resilient.

Our focus is on providing four key services, which integrate to form a cohesive whole.  These are: embedding ongoing learning; tackling intractable (wicked) problems; enabling a supportive organisational culture; and executing strategy.

We use an approach of evidence-based performance improvement, that involves people in many different roles in a continual process of seeking opportunities to make changes that deliver higher levels of customer value. This, essentially, is a customer-service driven, outside / in process.  Partial iterative solutions are developed and implemented, the results being assessed to drive ongoing learning.

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Intractable (wicked) problems are those that have multiple, interconnected causes and root causes, often in ambiguous and complex causal chains.  With no single, simple causes, there are no simple, single solutions available.  In reality it is unlikely that such problems can ever ultimately be eliminated.  The MBSL approach, however, minimises them, through a series of iterative, partial solutions, each of which generates new insights and learning.

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Organisational culture is determined by the operation of, and the interactions between, a series of soft systems within organisations that are generally hidden.  The systems may be soft but the results are hard - people behave according to the signals they receive on a daily basis about what is permitted and what is prohibited.  The MBSL way involves an unrelenting process to locate and change the sources of negative permissions, and replace them with positive ones.

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Organisations may have a clear strategic ambition, and a good strategy.  Both may be effectively communicated to people throughout the organisation, yet problems remain.  There is a frequently-observed gap between managers’ tactical decisions and the requirements of the strategy.  The MBSL model reflects the need for strategy execution in a turbulent world to be one that builds on trust, and is more emergent than planned.

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