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Magus Bespoke Solutions was founded by four people, who came together through a shared vision of the type of supporting services needed by business organisations in todays turbulent environment.  Volatility, unpredictability and ambiguity add up to serious challenges for managers pursuing security and growth.

The shared vision is one of working with organisations to help them gear up to tackle the volatility head on - the shift is one from problem-solving to opportunity-seeking.  It is from responding to externally imposed change to continually seeking internal change that will drive enhanced customer value.  It is an ‘outside-in’ approach to identifying needs and priorities, combined with an ‘inside-out’ approach to delivering continual improvement.


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The outcome is an organisation that is comfortable with operating in a volatile environment, and one that capitalises on the challenge instead of just coping with it.

The design and delivery of all MBSL services is underpinned by its purpose - to liberate the full potential of organisations  and their people so that they become resilient, and able to thrive in an ambiguous, increasingly unpredictable world.

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Ben Simpson is an experienced organisational effectiveness consultant and coach.  His fascination with improvement and what makes for an improvement culture that endures, spans a couple of decades and shows no sign of abating.   In common with all his fellow founder directors Ben has a love of learning and finds greatest reward in helping others learn, develop and grow.

His perspectives on organisational improvement reflect that love of learning, from improvement through enhanced technology, to the application of continuous improvement tools and methodologies.  This includes considering organisations as systems, and the integration of improvement principles and systems thinking in all management processes.  These are all combined with a deep understanding of organisational behaviour and culture. Ben is a founder director of MBSL.

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Judith Pierce  Judith has a successful track record in line management, gained over a number of years.  During this time, she gained breadth and depth of experience and skills through a variety of roles, including sales management; marketing; building and controlling business budgets; designing and facilitating business workshops; market research; and managing a complete, multi-million-pound business unit.

She has worked mainly in the UK, but also in several other European countries.  Since being awarded an MBA from Canterbury Business School she has focused on providing bespoke consulting services.  Her main motivator now is helping organisations and their people to achieve their full potential.  A key is the desire to help people in organisations to transform their working lives so that work is a stimulating, successful and fulfilling experience.  Judith is a founder director of MBSL

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Gill Simpson  After building a successful career in marketing, Gill’s journey changed course in 2010  when she recognised her passion lay in developing and growing people, not brands.  Her extensive experience of working within senior leadership and Board-level teams fuelled a curiosity about how to enable people, teams and organisations to think better for themselves and realise their true potential.  Now an accredited executive and business  coach (ACC), Gill works with organisations and individuals across a wide range of sectors to enable senior leaders and leadership teams to better understand themselves and the systems within which they operate, in order to effect more sustainable change and to enable healthier organisations to emerge.

At the heart of her coaching lies the belief that the answers to our challenges lie within ourselves; that we are more capable, creative and resourceful than we give ourselves credit for.  Through an appropriate balance of support and challenge, Gill quickly builds high-trust relationships with clients, creating a warm and engaging space for clients to think through and find their own solutions to their challenges.  Gill is a founder director of MBSL

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Denis Bourne  After a successful career in line management, including at director level in an international business, Denis has had an extensive track record in consulting, covering organisational development, change management, executive selection and mentoring, development of organisational resilience, and emergent strategy.  He has developed several unique methodologies that underpin rapid and insightful discovery processes, some uncovering otherwise hidden issues and challenges for managers.

He has had several papers and articles published on many aspects of managing organisations in a fast-changing world.  He has worked for many large, corporate clients in the UK, Italy, South Africa and the USA.  In the public sector, Denis has consulted extensively with more than twenty police forces, as well as local authorities, NHS Trusts, and central Government organisations.  Denis is a founder director of MBSL.

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