Co-creating resilient organisations


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This page has a variety of papers listed, covering several different aspects of management, relating to the four key MBSL services.  These are illustrated in the graphic to the left.

The papers are grouped under those four headings.

All of the papers have been written to be thought-provoking.  Some are challenging.  We welcome all and any feedback on them, including critical comment and suggestions for improvement.

All documents are provided as PDF files and may be downloaded, providing  only that the publisher’s property rights and copy rights are preserved, where appropriate.

Embedding organisational learning

Resolving intractable problems

Under-performing performance management

Are you disabling innovation?



An enabling organisation culture

Executing strategy

Culture eats P3M for breakfast

The future does not happen

Pre-merger integration

Solving the merger integration puzzle

Business case bind




Post Covid19


Drift and the new normal




Organisations and informal networks

Resilient organisations and distributed leadership

There are problems, critical problems and intractable problems.  With Magus Networker, we help you tackle intractable problems, through co-created solutions.

We do this by generating highly insightful information, and providing it to people involved in or connected with the problem.  In a safe environment, they work out meaning, identify barriers to enhanced performance, and locate causes and root causes.

The goal is always to improve a specific aspect of performance.  This is done through action-oriented conversation, and a release of latent talent.

Resilient organisations and leading change.  The concept of managing change is common, but is challenged here.

In a VUCA world, traditional approaches to change inevitably fail.  Planning just produces plans and encourages control by variance, but where change is emergent and ever present, slow responses simply do not work.

The concept of distributed leadership in the resilient organisation is introduced, as one in which change is a constant as is unending adaptation to a changing context.

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