Co-creating resilient organisations

Our purpose:

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To liberate the full potential of organisations and their people so that they become resilient, and able to thrive in an ambiguous, increasingly unpredictable world.

These are some of the current challenges that our clients tell us about:

  • High levels of ambiguity and unpredictability in the business environment that make decision-making difficult
  • Organisational problems that do not respond to any conventional treatments
  • Getting the organisation to effectively handle high levels of change in the business
  • Cultural norms of behaviour that defy all attempts to change them for the better
  • A sense of being out of control of events and the organisation, and its responses to them
  • A gap between the expectations arising from strategic intent or direction and what managers actually do

If any of these sound familiar to you, maybe it’s time to try something different!  Have a look at some of the innovative methodologies that MBSL offers.

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We are knowledgeable; insightful; plain speaking; challenging yet supportive; pragmatic; authentic; honest; trustworthy - and nice people to work with.

At MBSL we have developed ‘unique-to-MBSL’ methodologies, which help organisations deliver “hearts and minds” change effectively.  All focus on the engagement of people throughout the organisation with continual improvement, and on developmental change targeting improvements to customer value.

Two of our key methodologies are: the OrgScan© which enables managers and project and programme teams to better understand their culture, permissions, and other conditions driving behaviour; and Magus Networker© which maps the informal networks in the organisation, revealing the influences and knowledge flows, enabling the latent capability, capacity and creativity in the organisation to be harnessed, simultaneously defusing any protectionism and silos.

Will leaders seize the opportunity to transform their organisations as the shock of Covid-19 subsides?

At MBSL we have joined forces with IMD Group to support leaders in organisations as the business world emerges from the “gshock”h phase of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have a shared belief that there are huge opportunities to use the mobilisation effect of “gmust-do change”h to shape a better future for many organisations, their people and their customers.

In order to be most helpful, it is important to gauge the appetite for this and in which areas there is most energy.  We have put together a straightforward questionnaire (just eight mouse clicks) for this purpose.  We would really value your input and we will share back the aggregate results with you. 

We are committed to doing all we can to help leaders take this opportunity to create a better future for their organisations, their people, as well as themselves, our society and UK PLC.  Will you join us?

Here is the link: https://forms.gle/Jxm4qxHWbNABi28Q6

Thanks in anticipation.

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